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About Us

K.L. Tyndale has been providing trustworthy, high-quality electrical contracting services since 1975.

From our Harrisburg, Pa. office, we serve commercial and residential customers throughout Central Pennsylvania. We are licensed and fully insured.

Our responsiveness and sensitivity to our customers’ needs is what sets us apart from the competition.

For our commercial customers, this means we are able to assess their long-term need and design and install systems that grow along with a company rather than becoming quickly outdated. And we keep a watchful eye on schedule and budget. For general contractors and businesses alike, we are a partner you can count on to deliver what you want…and need.

For homeowners, responsiveness and sensitivity means trustworthiness. We know that most of our residential customers have little, if any, expertise in electrical and mechanical systems. That’s why our trained technicians communicate the way you want to…and recommend only what you need.